Eshem Nezir

Zhenasi binder


Eshem is a tall individual with a hooked nose, and could be considered attractive if not for the poor health that is evident on her frame. She is lean to the extent of appearing wasted, but her yellow and red kaftan hides most of that wasting. She does not wear any form of headgear, and her long dark hair tumbles unkempt about her face. Eshem tends to be slow of movement, and leans lazily on a polished staff topped with a faintly glowing salt crystal. Despite her appearance, her eyes are bright behind sleepy lids.
A heavy looking satchel hangs around her shoulders at all times, that she shifts and fidgets with frequently.

Eshem can be irritable when sober, and prefers to spend her time at the Desert Haze wrapped in smoke, and buried in a book or scrolls, or writing notes of her own.

Mue, Eshem’s familiar, is a long, sandy-coloured lizard, with undulating white stripes across its back, like light reflecting off water on a cliff wall.


Eshem Nezir

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