Whitestair is a small trade outpost deep in the narrow upriver of the SInging Canyon, consisting of a small wooden jetty and a canyontop settlement linked by a set of precarious, white-painted cut steps. The jetty is small, as only small boats can navigate the treacherous, narrow upper reaches of the canyon, and a small cave at water level is used as a boatshed for the proprietors of Whitestair.

At the top of the canyon and a long, vertiginous walk. is a walled compound with an orchard and garden, stock pens and stables, and a couple of large buildings. A rope bridge between two reaching parts of the canyon allow travellers to cross over for the only point for miles. An inn of sorts is run by the il-Almerana, a settled family of Ouduon.

The stables has two floors, the upper of which contains rooms for lodging, and the lower of which is a combination of storage and a manger, the latter of which can be hired out for simple lodging. The main building carries the il-Almerana families personal space, and a large balcony space covered by a canvas awning where food and drinks are served.

The il-Almerana consists of a husband (Bashir) and wife (Midira), and their daughter (Masa) and son-in-law (Achben). Bashir keeps several well-trained donkey, who help convey goods up and down the stairs.


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