Zhindizhar is the name of both a kingdom famed for binders of elemtal magic and the city that is its capital. Zhindizhar is colourful and motile, a city that that does not sprawl, but towers, strung with fluttering pennants and moving/rotating parts. The city sits on the southern shore of a shallow lake system that leads into the wide, shallow Sirah River. The Sirah ultimately flows into Shritirahar, and is the main artery of trade from Zhindizhar to Hamaradina on the coast.

Shritirahar, the winter sea, is a great salt flat that borders the city to the north, and floods into a large shallow sea during the winter. The Zhenasi use amphibious skiffs, often powered by sail or pulled by camel to cross the Shritirahar in either season.
The Zhenasi are ruled by a sultan, and historically, are a mix of Ouduon and more settled peoples from the coast. The founders of the sultanate’s line called genies to help build the city, and it is said the sultan married a genie also from a royal line. Zhenasi spellcasters master the elements, and it is said that in many cases these spellcasters also share genie ancestors.

Zhenasi are known for their knowledge of the magic that binds elementals – particularly air elementals and djinn (other elements are less developed, but still present), and they use this magic to power small portions of industry and aid in construction.
Zhindizhar is the place where the fabled flying carpets are made, and is famed for its glass-blowing

Exports include salt, glass, fine carpets

The Zhindizhar harbour and the Sirrah is shallow, so trade is done by way of slow-moving barges, and small, shallow skiffs, often powered by bound or tamed air elementals for transport to the harbour proper

The Sirrah connects Zhindizhar to the city of Kosiba in the Singing Canyon to the south.


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